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Subject...Singing, of course!

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2018's launch soon brought an increase in music students for private lessons and my Vocal Performance Workshops. Added to the role call are new Brazilian ESL students. Such friendly, fun people!

I worked more as an 'extra' and 'stand-in' on the set of the Showtime series Homeland. The cast, crew and entire production company were such a professional pleasure to observe and work with for several days since autumn 2017.  I was called for other filming gigs, but my previous commitments prevented taking those dates. Continuing to work on my book, which seems to serve more as creative therapy, than a reminder that it should have been finished ages ago. I am looking forward to sharing it with you. The design of my singing project is coming along well.

I love film and thanks to SAG,  I watched most of the nominated films at home. A great study. Unfinished books were finally devoured and a new contrast in subjects of keen interest now sits stacked by my favorite chair. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden with David Feinstein, PHD; The Jazz of Physics by Stephon Alexander; and Handbook of Model Rocketry by G.Harry Stine and Bill Stine, and always my National Geographic magazines.

Within a year's time, my family has experienced weddings, a sudden, tragic death, the birth of my healthy, beautiful grandchild, and great individual challenges and growth. Such is Life. 

And, amidst the scurry of responsibilities and the filling of life, these shake one to the core to re-examine how we are sharing our gift of love during our gift of time. Simply love genuinely.

My love affair with Life continues and I feel blessed for each new day.


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