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2019 ... Wishing you a healthier new year. Make wise choices. Your body is the temple of your soul. Honor it. If you love life and yourself, if you really love your family and want years, quality living time to enjoy together, then bite-the-bullet and change your habits now. Get checkups. Don't think you are invisible. Wake up! THIS is your most important investment. The mind, body and spirit are all connected. We are wondrous. Health first.

My prescription includes taking dance lessons and reawakening the dancer in me, and I'm having such fun! My favorite, so far, is the rumba, but the tango is this week! The grace and benefits of Tai Chi is another positive addition to the start of my new year. Excellent teachers. My family attended the premiere of a new  local improvisational comedy group, Actors Utopia. A unique, entertaining and interactive evening experience. I'm previewing many of the recently nominated films and television shows in order to vote as a SAG member this January: the SAG Awards are upcoming. Exploring and learning more over the next twelve months - about subjects I've studied for years  and some more recent interests. This is through the MasterClass online program. These notable professionals have incredible experience and knowledge to share. My creative projects are intertwined in subject matter, so I find these lectures very worthwhile, supportive and inspiring. They are aiding me in formulating a future project. There is always something to be learned - a different perspective, technique or delightful story to demonstrate a point. I'm enjoying new music, too!

It is gratifying to see the development of my students and to receive their warm appreciation. Fourth grader Sasha just published her first book, Muir Woods, which was written during her creative writing lessons with me. She is a creatively gifted child; a joy to know and work with. Currently, her parents are promoting the book internationally. Muir Woods can be purchased on Amazon. I am very proud of her effort. It is always interesting to teach ESL to my international students and guide them in adjusting to the American culture. I have been fortunate to travel a lot internationally, therefore I understand the challenges in communication and adjusting to a new culture. We have great laughs and serious chats ... it's all beautiful. My late father believed in the value of travel and interacting with different cultures to promote understanding of what is common to all, as well as an appreciation of the uniqueness of our differences. He knew this was crucial for peace. My voice students - those who continue for years, have learned to sing well is a serious craft.

The 'art of living' is, as well. Choose kindness. Recognize  sincere love, that has no agenda, just the joy of seeing the beauty in you and celebrates you by giving you love.



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