© Photo credit: Roy Cox


As one European critic noted, "though small in stature, she is big in action. To hear her is to be persuaded of her qualities."

"La Merveilleuse, remarkable chanteuse Americain, Peggy Weston."

- The Brussels Jazz Club
"Peggy Weston certainly succeeded in enchanting the audience."

- Branbants Meuwsblad Press

"Irresistable songstress, she makes you fall in love with her."

- Bahama Star, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

"Peggy Weston, whose combination of striking beauty, amazing talent

and charming personality certainly place her among the rarest of the rare."   -Today, Northern Virginia Magazine

"Peggy Weston - a tremendously talented jazz vocalist."

- Peter Fields, Classical guitar virtuoso and composer