As one European critic noted, "though small in stature, she is big in action. To hear her is to be persuaded of her qualities."

"La Merveilleuse, remarkable chanteuse Americain, Peggy Weston."

- The Brussels Jazz Club
"Peggy Weston certainly succeeded in enchanting the audience."

- Branbants Meuwsblad Press

"Irresistable songstress, she makes you fall in love with her."

- Bahama Star, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island

"Peggy Weston, whose combination of striking beauty, amazing talent

and charming personality certainly place her among the rarest of the rare."   -Today, Northern Virginia Magazine

"Peggy Weston - a tremendously talented jazz vocalist."

- Peter Fields, Classical guitar virtuoso and composer

© Photo credit: Roy Cox